Recurrent Cirsoid Aneurysm of Face: A Rare Vascular Entity- Case Report


Dr Deepak Chhatbar

ENT Consultant, Dhoraji City, Rajkot (Gujarat)

Year: 2024, Volume: 1, Issue: 1, Pages: 1-5, Date of Publication: 26 March 2024

Abstract: Cirsoid aneurysms, although rare, represent an intriguing vascular pathology characterized by tortuous, dilated blood vessels with a propensity for arteriovenous shunting. While these lesions can occur in various regions of the body, their manifestation in the face (cheek) is exceptionally uncommon. This article presents case of 44 yr. male patient, suffering from recurrent Cirsoid aneurysm, rarely reported in literature. The main feeder for the aneurysm being Superficial Temporal artery and drainage to Internal Jugular vein. The Aneurysm was operated. Article involves a comprehensive review of cirsoid aneurysms, with a focus on their etiology, clinical presentation, diagnostic modalities, and management strategies. Through the exploration of a clinical case and pertinent literature, the article sheds light on the challenges associated with diagnosing and treating cirsoid aneurysms of the cheek.

Keywords: Cirsoid aneurysm, arteriovenous malformation, vascular anomaly, face, Superficial temporal artery, Internal jugular vein