Applications and Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Various Medical Specialties: A Review Using ChatGPT Insights


Ajita Sharma*

(DGM AIESL, IGI Airport, Delhi) (Corresponding Author)

Navika Sharma

(Scholar, Delhi)

Year: 2024, Volume: 1, Issue: 1, Pages: 12-47, Date of Publication: 30 April 2024

Abstract: Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a transformative force in healthcare, presenting innovative approaches to data management, patient engagement, diagnostic accuracy, and surgical assistance. This study explores the multifaceted applications of AI across various subjects integral to the MBBS curriculum, aiming to identify its impact and potential in each domain. A novel approach was adopted using a chatbot powered by AI technology (ChatGPT) to streamline the data collection process. Keywords such as “AI in Healthcare,” “Telemedicine,” “Diagnostic AI,” “Surgical AI”, “MBBS curriculum”, “AI with name of branch” were systematically employed to search ChatGPT and compile relevant literature and data. The chatbot facilitated efficient data extraction and analysis, contributing to the synthesis of comprehensive insights. Surprisingly, our review revealed a dearth of prior studies focusing on the integration of AI across these medical subjects, underscoring the novelty and urgency of this research. This review not only sheds light on the current landscape but also paves the way for future investigations and advancements in AI-driven medical education and practice.

Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, Chatbot, MBBS, AI in Healthcare, Telemedicine, Diagnostic AI, ChatGPT